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Glenn and Vihn interview Kirpa Sudwick about her experience on “The Bachelor”. She talks about life behind the scenes and her favorite aspects of the dental industry.

Kirpa Sudwick – The Bachelorette Hygienist

Dr. Nguyen is a huge fan of “The Bachelor” and has watched since season 1.

Kirpa is from a family in dentistry. Her father is a dentist and helped inspire her to pursue hygiene.

After a failed relationship through a dating app, her friends joked that she should apply and surprisingly got a callback.

Her dad thought it was hilarious and her mom thought it would be a good experience.

The initial greeting period with all the women was a true all nightery.

There’s no technology access while you are in the house.

Her favorite country to visit was Thailand. She loved it enough to go back and visit again after the show.

How did the girls’ teeth look? No perio and lots of good hygiene so they are kiss cam ready.

She has a few girls she is still friends from the show.

She hasn’t had too many super fans that want their teeth cleaned.

She does modeling and vlogging on the side because it’s something that interests her.

Her dad is Croatian and her mom is Indian, so she loves spicy foods.

Her favorite part of being a hygienist is the opportunity to educate patients


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