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Kristyn Ivey is a professional organizer, podcast host, and owner of For the Love of Tidy, who utilizes the KonMari method to help her clients. She talks with Glenn and Vinh about her previous life as an engineer, how you can use organization in your office, and her favorite organizing tools. What happens when you need a hazmat suit to clean a house? She’ll tell you all you need to know.

Show Notes

Kristyn Ivey is a professional organizer, owner of For the Love of Tidy, and podcast co-host of “Spark Joy”  that uses the Marie Kondo Method with her clients.

Her ah-ha moment was when she felt stress as an engineer and read the book  “The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up” as she decluttered her life, she felt less stressed.

She was able to devote time and attention to things she valued more.

Do you have to be a neat freak to be an organizer? Not at all, it is a change of mindset and habits that become incorporated into your life.

Kristyn was the 12th person in the US to become a certified Kondo method organizer.

The method focuses on 5 different groups of items to organize. The show does not focus as much on papers because it is not exciting to watch, but there are two professionals working alongside the families.

The organization process begins with a phone consult to figure out the goals and needs.

The Spark Joy podcast is a great place to look for ideas for organization.

She also offers a Skype call virtual organization option.

Greeting the home is an important process to clear their mind and begin to focus.

Hoarders are not likely to reach out for organization, but Kristyn has people she can recommend for hoarders.

How do we fold and store a fitted sheet?

Magazine holders are great for storing more than magazines! Use it for stationary, cleaning products, and more.

When it comes to organizing or keeping things, understanding your boundaries of how many of certain items you feel comfortable keeping.




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