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Although Kayvan may be a new face, the Nifty Thrifty community may be more familiar with his co-founder, Ali. The Doc Sites is a website design and marketing company that works for—you guessed it—doctors. Many people ask Kayvan, “Why did you get started in dentistry?”


● This week, Dr. Glenn Vo spoke with Kayvan Mott of The Doc Sites. Although Kayvan may be a new face, the Nifty Thrifty community may be more familiar with his co-founder, Ali.
● The Doc Sites is a website design and marketing company that works for—you guessed it—doctors. Many people ask Kayvan, “Why did you get started in dentistry?”
● Kayvan attended UCLA to pursue graphic design, while his business partners Ali and Parham bring experience in development & SEO and communications, respectively.
● The team served their first client around 2007; this client happened to be a dentist. “I don’t have a brand, I don’t have clients,” he told the three. “Just do whatever you website marketing guys do and get me going.”
● From there, it’s safe to say the soon-to-be Doc Sites crew delivered. Since his humble beginnings, this dentist went from owning one practice to 13 over the span of eight years. Although they couldn’t take credit for all his success, the team definitely got the ball rolling in his favor.
● This client recommended the team to his wife, an orthodontist, who then recommended them to her brother, another practice owner, and so on… “Before we knew it, 60-70% of our clients were dentists,” Kayan says. “It came organically.”
● About six years ago, the team finally created The Doc Sites as “an affordable, effective way to do websites and marketing.” Before this, Kayvan says they were doing “boutique websites and boutique pricing” until the crew realized this shut many dentists out of their pool of prospects.
● Glenn emphasizes that their portfolio proves that the team hasn’t sacrificed quality for affordability— “When you look at those websites, they do look like they’re boutique.”
With The Doc Sites, “you can have something that looks really nice, and it’s not gonna break the bank.”
● He and Kayvan agree that offering these services at reasonable prices is so important for the community. Doc Sites has satisfied practices of all kinds for what Kayvan chalks up to two factors:

1) We care,
2) We know the dental industry and we go that extra step.”

● The team’s knowledge of the industry helps them create the most efficient websites possible. On top of this, Glenn knows firsthand that The Doc Sites offers customer support that goes above and beyond.
● Thanks to the reputation The Doc Sites has earned, businesses outside of the dental industry have come to Kayvan and the team seeking their services. However, Kayvan maintains that it’s important to limit the team to dentistry out of care for their customers.

By continuing to work in this niche, The Doc Sites crew learns and grows more with each experience.

● Kayvan lightheartedly calls The Doc Sites “the In-N-Out of websites and marketing.” Their “animal style” burger would be equal to their premiere package, which includes Google Ads, SEO, and more.
● The Doc Sites have worked so hard to become accessible to a wide variety of practice owners that clients are shocked at the quality of service they receive at such low prices. Kayvan and the team have worked for a doctor from Texas who told them he almost passed them by because he couldn’t believe their rates would get him exactly what he needed—he was pleasantly surprised!
● Now, the Doc Sites serves around 700 clients. Glenn sees their pricing as a testament to the team’s efficiency— “They could [charge more], but they don’t have to because they have their systems down.”
● Their pricing is not only low, but cut and dry. “The price is on the website,” Glenn says. “There’s no extra fees.”
● To top it off, the Doc Sites offers a Nifty deal for members of the community! To take advantage of this offer, you can text or call Ali at 818-416-0007.
● The Doc Sites provides three website options, and Nifty Thrifty members get a discount on all of them! That’s not to mention how the team can help you with SEO and overall marketing.
● Kayvan is grateful and surprised by the success the team reaps today. “It’s evolved so much… it’s always evolving. Even from January to where we are here.”
● Glenn can confirm the team is “always looking to level up. They’re at all these conferences making connections, learning, listening to what’s important to us because things that were important five years ago… Now there’s other things that are important.

These guys are always on top of things.”

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o And more!

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