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Dr. Gerhardt completed the Academy of GP Orthodontics’s 12-session hands-on course in orthodontics in 1998. Since that time, he has served as an orthodontic instructor and host dentist for the Academy’s hands-on, orthodontic courses in Austin.

Learn Orthodontics by Treating Patients



  • This week, Dr. Glenn Vo was pumped to chat with the mastermind behind the Othordontic Teaching Institute: Dr. Jeffery Gerhardt.
  • People always tell dentists to stay in their lane whether it’s about wisdom teeth, endodontics, or Ortho. Jeffery is the opposite, as he’s passionate about helping GPs add Ortho to their businesses—in fact, Jeffery has helped over 300 dentists (and counting) to learn and implement Ortho—and he has good reason for not slowing down anytime soon.
  • After he graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1988 with a degree in business management, Jeffery decided he wanted to pivot his career. So, in 1992, he graduated from the Texas Health Science Center Dental Branch in San Antonio, Texas.
  • When he was in dental school, Jeffery realized they didn’t teach much about Ortho and, when they did, they made it more complicated than it needed to be. And while Jeffery knows that teaching Ortho requires a lot of learning, he believes it’s actually very easy to do—not to mention what it can do for your practice.
  • Jeffery started his Ortho career from 1996 to 1998 after taking a two-year course in Dallas, TX. And, for the last twenty years, he was an Orthodontics instructor for the Academy of GP Orthodontics. While he had a blast there and loved the folks he surrounded himself with, he was irked by the fact that the group didn’t want to modernize.
  • In fact, Dr. Gerhardt is a Diplomat of the Academy of GP Orthodontics—which is its highest recognition.
  • The latest and greatest technologies make the learning process so much easier, and one of the best ways for any dentist to learn—Ortho or not—is through hands-on learning. Think about it: when you were in dental school, learning about how to do a filling, they didn’t just show you pictures before sending you on your way.
  • That’s why Jeffery teaches in a hands-on way during his 10-session course, where you practice by treating patients rather than learning by working on models or watching videos. You’ll learn how to competently treat Orthodontic cases of varying difficulties, from minor tooth alignments, and mixed dentition, to extraction cases.
  • Even better, you don’t have to wait until you complete the course to start cases in your own practice — your instructor provides complimentary mentoring on the cases you start in your practice during the course.
  • In fact, Jeffery and his colleagues over at OTI encourage you to bring patient records to Friday sessions for mentoring. But, that said, they’ll be providing the patients for you—it’s not up to you to find patients for honing your Ortho craft.
  • Learn about:
  • How can you dramatically transform your practice by enrolling in OTI’s 10-session course using self-ligating brackets?
  • How can you easily recover the course tuition just by completing just three or four Orthodontic cases in your own practice?
  • How can you add $15,000+ to your monthly production by starting just 3 Orthodontic cases a month?
  • What percent of Ortho cases can somebody expect after taking Jeffery’s course? What kind of cases make up the majority of Ortho cases?
  • How does OTI provide patients for you to hone your Ortho craft? How do they ensure that every patient is starting at the same time vs. having patients who are in different stages of ortho treatment?
  • How is there ongoing support for those who finish the course? How does Jeffery still help his graduated students to implement Ortho?
  • How much Ortho does Jeffery himself perform from day to day? How does he usually go about the process, increase efficiencies, etc.?
  • And more!



  • Nifty Deal: $5000 discount on tuition if enrolled by May 31, 2022. $4000 discount on tuition if enroll after May 31, 2022, but by June 30, 2022. No other discounts apply.