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Join Dr. Glenn Vo in a Podcast with Gary Harker, revealing Legally Mine’s tax savings guarantee. The largest, most respected, experienced, and comprehensive lawsuit protection company in America.

Join Dr. Glenn Vo at SmileCon 2023 in an engaging podcast with NiftyThirtyDennis.


Highlights on the importance of legal protection for dental professionals.


Segment 1: How Legally Mine Protects Dental Professionals

  • Uncover the misconceptions around legal coverage with LLCs and corporations.
  • Exploring personal vs. professional liability and the need for a robust shield.
  • Dr. Vo and Legally Mine discuss blind spots often overlooked in the dental profession.


Segment 2: Guarantee in Taxation

  • Revealing Legally Mine’s tax savings guarantee.
  • Insights into legally maximizing savings and implementing strategies that Uncle Sam pays for.
  • Understanding the financial benefits while staying fully compliant with tax laws.


Segment 3: How You Can Save So Much in Taxes by Following the Law

  • Deep dive into the untapped potential of legal tax strategies.
  • Dispelling myths around tax planning and showcasing Legally Mine’s legal and rewarding approach.
  • Teasers on optimizing your tax game within the boundaries of the law.



Summarizing key takeaways from the podcast.

  • A call to action for dental professionals to prioritize legal protection and tax optimization.
  • Stay tuned for more in-depth insights and subscribe for future podcast episodes!


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