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Dr. Vigarny A. Arguello Jr. has been practicing dentistry since 2009. Coming from a family with strong roots in medicine, Dr. Arguello naturally gravitated towards this industry. He graduated from Florida International University with a major in chemistry and a minor in biochemistry and then Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Arguello currently practices in one of his practices in South Florida and has a genuine interest in everything with dentistry ranging from treating patients, continuing education, photography, and product development. His goal as a dentist is to help patients who have negative dental habits and change them into positive ones, as well as to help everyone achieve good oral health. As a member of the dental community, his goal is to help provide solutions to problems he has encountered and offer a safer more efficient working environment.



  • When the pandemic hit, many dental professionals began to feel unsafe going to work. Most didn’t want to go back without proper air filtration and PPE measures.
  • Aerosol Assist proved the solution for many, offering quick aerosol suppression via an ultra-lightweight, hands-free, autoclavable system.
  • Two men are behind Aerosol Assist—Vigarny A. Arguello Jr. and his best friend Werner Blumenthal.
  • This week, Dr. Glenn Vo had Vigarny hop on a Facebook Live to talk about his product, the founder story, and more.
  • Since graduating from BU in 2009, Vigarny has been a practicing dentist. Currently, he’s in charge of two dental practices in south Florida.
  • Treating patients for six days a week, Vigarny realized his throat was always itchy when Sunday came around. He realized the culprit when he looked at how dirty his face shield was.
  • Vigarny got together with his best friend, Werner Blumenthal, a Biomedical Engineer, to create Aeresol Assist. Because of the pandemic, the two of them had a lot of time on their hands to develop the product.
  • Aerosol Assist was crafted with Computational Fluid Dynamics Optimization (CFD) to enact dedicated extraoral aerosol reduction and intraoral fluid removal—the same kind of software that is utilized for ballistics, racecars, etc.
  • When designing the Aerosol Assist, Werner used Splatter-Visualization-Testing with a non-toxic dye to re-enact a dental procedure. He was able to ensure that splatter is contained inside the mouth of a patient and thus suppressing aerosols from populating the air.
  • The buccal plate offers stabilization and comfort to prevent the product from digging into the gums of the patient. One size fits all—even patients with limited ability to open mouth due to TMJ issues, pharyngeal or gage reflex, large tori, etc.
  • Aerosol Assist is Ideal for hygiene procedures that lack the help of an assistant, with one kit covering up to six chairs.
  • Ever since implementing Aerosol Assist into his own practice, the itch is no longer in the back of Vigarny’s throat. Now he hopes to give other dental professionals in the Nifty Thrifty community the same relief—by offering a discount on his product.
  • An Aerosol Assist can withstand an average of 300 cycles, meaning it costs only 33 cents per use (and even less with our Nifty Thrifty deal!).
  • Vigarny thinks aerosol suppressants will become “common practice” for dental professionals, like wearing gloves.
  • Learn about:
    • What do Dr. Vo’s hygienists think about Aerosol Assist?
    • How does Aerosol Assist make life easier for both patients and dental professionals?
    • How is Aerosol Assist better for the environment?
    • What was the original blueprint for Aerosol Assist? What properties did it share with other popular isolation devices? What did Vigarny and Werner do to mix things up?
    • How did Vigarny and Werner make Aerosol Assist convenient, simple, easy to use, and cost-effective?
    • Can you use Aerosol Assist with DryShield? Hint: it’d be “cumbersome” but not impossible.
    • What are the top five reasons to add Aerosol Assist to your armamentarium?
    • And more!
  • Also, there’s a warranty. If you’re unhappy with your Aerosol Assist, you can return it with questions asked.
  • Having trouble figuring things out? Aerosol Assist offers free instructional videos.




  • 40% off Aerosol Assist Kit from MSRP.
    • Retail: $499.00
      • Already a steal! Good deal; you get 6 and can autoclave each at least 300 times.
      • With discount code (for a kit of 6): $299.00