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Aaron Boone, is the founder of MVP Mailhouse. Aaron is a dental direct mail marketing expert! After retiring from a 9-year pro football career, he got into the “dental world”. He has dedicated the last 12 years pioneering a technology and analytics-based approach to new patient acquisition via direct mail.

  • This week’s guest has been on the Nifty Thrifty Podcast many times in the past. Thus, many of you might immediately recognize their name—Aaron R. Boone—as the CEO of MVP Mailhouse.
  • Aaron was once a pro football player, but he’s been in the direct mail game for longer than he was in the NFL—he played football for nine years but has done direct mail marketing for the last 13+ years.
  • Aaron tries to incorporate much of the skills he learned from football into his direct mail marketing tactics. After years of reviewing statistics and highlight reels, Aaron has learned the art of studying (and learning from) past errors and future opportunities.
  • Direct mail is one of those marketing strategies that’ll get a mixed response depending on who you talk to. But, let’s face the facts: data shows that, when deployed properly, direct mail marketing works.
  • Direct mail might sound ancient or even spam-like to many of us, and it makes sense: a lot of dentists have tried mailers only to find they didn’t work. But data and analytics have entirely changed the game.
  • The “MVP” in MVP Mailhouse doesn’t stand for “Most Valuable Player”—it stands for “Most Valuable Practice.” MVP specializes in direct mail and believes in “Better Targeting, Better Designs, Better Results.”
  • But MVP Mailhouse’s biggest boast is their “Better Technology.” Geographical insight—or “heat maps”—can help you play to your strengths. MVP Mailhouse identifies hotbeds and pinpoints communities that can be drawn into your practice by direct mail, making it easier than ever for you to pursue leads.
    • In fact, tune in to watch Aaron walk through a screen-share presentation of a “Heat Map Analysis,” learn how to use this nuanced process to bring in new patients, and see the various data points he looks at when measuring the success of a direct mail campaign.
  • Aaron and his team will also listen to entire phone call recordings—whether they’re five minutes, 30 minutes, or more than 60 minutes—before breaking them down and grading them. They’ll give you real-time feedback on how your front desk team is performing.
  • Learn about:
    • How did Aaron’s experience as a pro football player help him transition into the dental industry?
    • Why is Aaron “less vague” than other marketing companies—direct mail or not—according to Dr. Glenn Vo?
    • Why does Glenn think that the success of direct mail marketing is all about the people you work with—and why is Aaron the right guy for the job?
    • How does Aaron’s company teach your front desk team about sourcing and bringing in new patients?
    • How does MVP Mailhouse use special phone numbers to track calls?
    • How does Aaron’s company record and take notes on calls to optimize the performance of your front desk?
    • What’s a real-world case study where Aaron’s company provided an amazing ROI?
      • Hint: this patient made the practice owner more than $9 for every dollar they spent in acquiring them.
    • How has direct mail technology evolved over the years? On that note, why is it currently more effective than it’s ever been?
    • And more!
  • Visit our special landing page at www.mvpmailhouse.com/ntd, email Aaron at [email protected], or call him at 801-953-6771. MVP Mailhouse will be glad to help you out!


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