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Linda Miles, of Linda Miles Consulting, discusses a new DIY consulting program for dentists to improve their leadership skills and the practice environment. In order to overcome the challenges of 2020, owners need to have great leadership qualities in order to give the teams the confidence they need to make 2021 their best year yet.


Have your ideal patient or vision of your practice in mind from the start, so you can determine what you need to succeed 


Communicate expectations to your employees to keep your practice running smoothly 


Remember that communication is a third of your success, along with clinical skills and business 


You don’t find good employees, you make them; hire them, train them, trust them, and praise them


If you’re new and don’t have much experience ensure that you have good communication, are organized and that you train your team to praise you to the patients 


Break things you want to improve into chunks so you don’t feel overwhelmed by your goals


Let people know that waiting can make the situation worse and more expensive if they are hesitant about accepting treatment


Make sure your team members are in the best position for everyone’s benefit


The DIY Digital Dental Consulting is a self-paced study with a fee of $1995. to help doctors get started until they can afford additional consulting


There are 8 sections to work through including segments for your team


If you want additional assistance, they have consultants available for help




Go to www.asklindamiles.com click on the 50% off sticker. It will only be available for the next few days, so act fast!



Website: https://diydentalconsulting.com/linda-miles/



Phone: (757)-524-2256

Email: [email protected]