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Ascentcare Dental provides products to decrease aerosols and improve illumination from within the patient’s mouth.

Lindsay Nienhouse is the Marketing Director of Ascentcare Dental. There has been a lot of talk about HVE suction. The company has been around for about 4 years and seeks to innovate to make a dentist’s life better. They do both design and production in house. They have an adapter piece that works with Zyris, Dryshield, and Isolite systems. They have the Vaculux system in stock and ready to ship within two weeks. While the adapter is a great product, what additionally sets it apart is the fiber optic lighting that can be added. It is powered by a light engine and can run 6 hours continuously between charges. It’s very portable and can move between ops easily. It magnetically couples to the adapter and has a 5-foot long cable, so it can easily be set on the floor under the chair. It is made of aluminum to stand up to repeated autoclaves. It is sturdy and lightweight.

Does the battery pack work with other products in your company? Yes!

The light has 3 settings, and most doctors prefer the medium setting, which will expand the length of use.

Another attachment they have is an illuminated mirror that reflects light on to the mirror to increase visibility inside the mouth. The transilluminator attachment can provide great viewing for caries assessments and root canals.

The battery pack has one connection.

The bite buddy is a study block with a magnetic track to quickly add accessories. Attachments include a saliva ejector, tongue block, and several illuminated attachments as well. It works as an extra set of hands.

How long does the lightbulb last? It is an LED, and their customers have not needed a bulb replacement since the company started 4 years ago.

Can you use the system with the Zyris disposable pieces? Yes

Can you replace the mirror when it scratches? It is not replaceable but is a very durable front-facing rhodium mirror.

What are the prices?

Vaculux- normally it is $229, but they have temporarily lowered the price to $199 to help as offices begin to reopen.

The light engine is $369

Mirror- $24.95 with a buy 5 get one free additional deal

Bitebuddy mouth props: $24.99

Saliva ejector holders: 2 for $19.95 (left and right)

Bitebuddy starter kit: contains 3 bite block sizes, left and right saliva ejector holders, and two sizes of tongue guards for $149.95

Lighted attachments for bit buddy: $40 each



Nifty Deal: 10% off light engine, and accessories

The Adaptor is already priced $30 off.

Use code: NIFTY or mention Nifty Thrifty with your phone order