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Chris Tuff is an entrepreneur and writer of The Millennial Whisperer. He struggled to find a job after 65 interviews after college. It was a small company that began to grow where he moved throughout the company. He created a viral video of his engagement for his company and learned quickly about social media. When he no longer knew what his job really entailed, he jokingly called himself “The Millennial Whisperer” and wrote a book about how to improve communication.



Millenials want a mentor and coach, which most lack because of having more of a “friendship” relationship with their parents than the authoritarian one that most older generations had


The environment needs to be one of constant learning and opportunity for growth


A lot of people have unrealistic expectations for their jobs being perfect because of social media


To set more realistic notions in the minds of the youth, teach the 70/30 rule, 70% of your job will inspire you, but 30% of it may suck


Do a “fly-by” every Monday morning to see how everyone is doing


Give constructive criticism rather than blatant criticism to engage the people more positively 


Remind your team that you are all heroes with a purpose by bettering the health of your patients.


Your team needs context for your decisions so they understand, so you need transparency.

Bond with your team



Website: https://www.themillennialwhisperer.com/



@tuff22 on Instagram, DM him