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Mark Jackson fondly known as “MJ” has become the go to real estate valuation coach for investors in the US and aboard. He began as a young man with the desire to transform his life of poverty into entrepreneurial success and now others go to him in order to accomplish the same.

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  • Where is Dr. Glenn Vo deploying his $100K investment?! Tune in as he sits down with Mark Jackson from Investor Comps to tell you all about it.
  • And where did that $100k come from? That cash has compounded over time through Real Estate deals with—you guessed it—Mark!
  • Mark, or “MJ,” has an advantage over others in the same space—he has a background as an appraiser, and Glenn can vouch for him… Mark has been Glenn’s “go-to” guy for Real Estate investing for over four years!
  • You don’t need to spend $100K like Glenn to get into the game. Real Estate investing can be affordable, especially if you pool cash together with your friends, family, and/or colleagues.
  • There’s more to Real Estate investing than owning properties; investing in Real Estate is a great way to make the passive income you need in order to retire wealthy, beat inflation, and buy your ticket to achieving Financial Freedom.
  • Learn about some of the nuances in Real Estate investing:
    • What’s a lending deal? How does it work?
    • How can you ensure your investment is secure and put on public record?
    • How do you know who you can trust with your money?
    • How diversified should your Real Estate investments be?
    • What’s an “equity share”?
    • How “passive” is the income made from Real Estate investing?
    • What’s the difference between “dumb” or “lazy” money and capital?

You never know what might happen before you’re ready to retire. If your career is cut short for whatever reason, putting your money to work might create the safety net you’d need.