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Ryan Menacho is a marketing graduate of the University of Oregon, the Marketing Manager for Firegang Marketing, and a Paid Traffic Strategist. He graduated from UO as the first class to ever have studies focusing on social media and has been working as a marketer in the social world ever since. Currently, he excels at driving paid traffic with a specialty for Facebook Advertising & Funnel Optimization.



  • For most dental practice owners, there are so many marketing companies hopping in our DM’s or shooting us emails on a regular basis. With so many promises of an ROI that seems too good to be true, it’s hard to figure out who is the real deal.
  • Firegang Marketing has the experience, data, and results to prove you can trust them; they’ve been working exclusively with dental practices for over ten years now, providing stellar results for startups, DSO’s, long-established private practices, and everything in between.
  • Marketing is more than just leads; it’s one thing to land a lead, it’s a whole different story to actually convert them. That’s why Firegang Marketing defines itself as a “revenue generator” and not a “lead generator”—their mission is to increase your practice’s revenue through top-of-the-line marketing tactics.
  • Firegang Marketing doesn’t just bolster your marketing campaigns—they offer a partnership founded in growing your business. They can really get involved behind the scenes of your practice and make managing it so much easier.
  • Instead of focusing on a niche piece of marketing—landing page, Google Ads, Facebook ads, etc.—Firegang Marketing takes a more comprehensive, in-depth approach.
  • Their fully integrated and automated digital marketing approaches mean their services can help you with almost anything—from building your website to creating engaging ads to tracking metrics via “KPI Scorecards” and coaching your staff, they’ll plug any holes in your bucket.
  • Learn about:
    • Why do you need diversification and differentiation in any marketing campaign?
    • What key factors will influence a patient to choose your practice instead of the practice down the street?
    • So many marketing companies abide by a cookie-cutter marketing approach—funnels, predictable memes, you name it. Why is that cookie-cutter system so detrimental to a dental practice owner who wants their practice to stand out in a crowded market? Why do prospects see through the cliché?
    • Firegang Marketing doesn’t work with just anybody; they’ll only work with practices that leave them feeling confident in achieving a win-win scenario. So, who is their ideal client?
    • What revenue does Firegang Marketing hope to help your practice achieve, and what’s the time frame?
    • How does their process work?
    • What are the metrics that drive the most revenue?
    • And more!




  • 50% Off Your Setup Fee
  • Free copy of their Amazon best-selling book, “Grow Your Marketing Online.”