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Sean Ryan: Nifty Thrifty OG

Dr. Carlos Spironelli Ramos: PHD In Endodontics with over 30 years of worldwide lecture & product development experience. Dr. Ramos also is listed and owns several patents for his product development. He continues to lecture @ LVI in Las Vegas and works in-house at Medidenta developing and supporting new products/programs.



  • Many Nifty Thrifty members might recognize the handsome gentleman (and Nifty Thrifty “OG”) who sat down with Dr. Glenn Vo for this week’s episode of the Nifty Thrifty Podcast: Sean Ryan, the “Head Cheese” over at Medidenta.
  • If you’ve yet to hear about Medidenta, they’re an 80-year-old company that has gone through quite a few phases before settling on the unique identity we know today. But, all along, Medidenta has been known for innovating, creating, and distributing products.
    • Side Note: While Medidenta has been around for ages—Sean himself has been in the dental industry for 14 years now. That said, he’s been running businesses for an even longer time!
  • Nowadays, Medidenta’s identity mainly revolves around offering an affordable way to shop for premium, cutting-edge products. And they’ve grown drastically since their early days, acquiring a multitude of entities and product lines.
  • Thus, Medidenta has a reputation for being the go-to source for dental professionals who are seeking classy instruments at a fair price. And while they’ve been a powerhouse in hygiene and handpieces for some time, they’re currently breaking into Endo—very much thanks to Dr. Carlos Spironelli Ramos.
  • That’s why Sean wasn’t the only “handsome gentleman” to attend the discussion: Sean and Glenn were joined by Carlos. He’s certainly had a blast bringing another breath of innovation to Medidenta.
  • Carlos has a Ph.D. in Endodontics with over 30 years of worldwide lecture & product development experience. In between his lectures, Carlos finds time to work in-house at Medidenta to both develop and support new products and programs.
  • More than anything, Carlos is a professor with a passion to educate Medidenta’s clients about the products they offer. He loves to teach and inform folks like us about Medidenta’s robust selection of dental products.
    • If you’re interested in what Carlos has to say, make sure to tune in! But if you want to get the whole “nine yards,” make sure you attend one of his lectures at LVI in Las Vegas!
      • If you don’t know of LVI, by the way, it’s quite an esteemed establishment! In other words, they’re not some run-of-the-mill venue.
  • Sean and Carlos are always on the move with a vision of scaling even further—and they want to bring us along for the ride. That’s why they offer tons of deals specifically made for Nifty Thrifty members to sift through.
  • In fact, every single one of Medidenta’s products has a discount for Nifty Thrifty members. You can save a fortune with as much as 50% off on commodities, dental equipment, kits, and everything in between.
  • Learn about:
    • What’s Carlos’ story? How did he transition from an Endodontist in Brazil to a creative mind who is thriving in America, revolutionizing products at Medidenta?
    • What are some of Carlos’s (many) accomplishments in regard to innovations, books, and more?
      • Hint: Carlos has performed over 20,000 root canals!
    • How is Carlos ensuring that Medidenta doesn’t only have what you need today but also what you’ll need tomorrow?
    • For this week’s episode, Carlos gives a passionate and fascinating presentation on their simplified endo system… Make sure to tune in to learn about what he has to teach us!
      • You’ll also be getting a sneak peek of some of their amazing products as well as some fun facts about them!
    • What specific deals do Carlos and Sean have to share with us?
      • Hint: you should DEFINITELY be jumping on them.
    • What does Sean have to say about the impact of Covid on businesses, people, and so on?
      • Specifically, how did Carlos and Sean make a spin on the crisis mode everyone was operating in and get extra creative instead?
        • Hint: Sean took some measures to get Medidenta on par with Amazon…
    • And more!
  • If you want to call the office at 800-221-0750, anyone who answers the phone will be 100% educated about the products. They’re particularly familiar with Nifty Thrifty members, so don’t be shy!
    • And don’t forget to register for one of Carlos’s LVI events!
    • Alternatively, you can pair one of his events with their two-day course for an even sweeter deal (and some CE credits)!



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