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Michael Arias is the host of The Dental Marketer Podcast and the owner of a Dental “Ground Marketing” company.  He has worked with Dentists, Dental Groups, and Consultants to develop unique marketing campaigns that are budget friendly.  He joins Glenn and Vinh to talk about how Dental professionals can use Ground Marketing as an extra tool in their marketing campaigns.  Mr. Arias also discusses random topics from sign spinners and his thoughts on passing out flyers in the club.

Notes of Interest:

The Dental Buddies post that started it all – “Sigh. Why is it that some cultures just have no concept of time and its importance?”

Uncle Mauty, Dr. Sonia Smith, Dr. Anthony Gonzales, and Dr. Mitra Bolouri give their opinions on the Dental Buddies post

Ground Marketing is essentially Guerrilla Marketing

Michael Arias trains Dental staff members to become Ground Marketers
Ground Marketing activities take place on the streets and in public places for maximum impact
Michael helps Dental practices attract new patients with creative budget friendly campaigns
Schedule a free 15 minute consultation with Michael Arias right here –  https://calendly.com/michaeltdm

Links from the Show

The Nifty Thrifty Dentist CE Event – http://niftybackup.getpracticegrowth.com/ce-event/

Legwork PRM – https://www.legworkprm.com/

Keating Dental Arts – https://keatingdentalarts.com/

Wallace Specialty Insurance – http://www.insurance4dds.com/

Online Dental Consulting – https://onlinedentalconsulting.com/

The Dental Marketer Website and Podcast – http://thedentalmarketer.site/



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