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Michael Bonnano of Performance Partners and Virtual Support Solutions shares how missing calls affect your bottom line. He also shares information about joining the dental triage network.

Michael Bonnano is the CEO of Performance Partners and Virtual Support Solutions. They use the Bank Methodology to improve patient case acceptance. As a past practice owner, he understands the issues dentists face. The average offices are missing 87-250 calls per month. By providing call rollover, you can greatly increase your ROI. Their training to meet the high caliber response of a practice means better success for you. They have found that 75% of unanswered calls do not leave a message. That is revenue lost for your office. If you spend money acquiring new patients but they can’t get a person on the phone, you are wasting money. With an average of 87 calls lost per month, assuming 25% being new patients, which can mean hundreds of dollars lost or more. By becoming an extension of your team, your office can be strengthened.

US Dental Triage is a group set up out of a response to Covid-19. They have donated PPE to local hospitals as well as making a hotline available for free that connects available dentists to patients needing assistance. To get on the list, go to dentaldss.com. Many of the dentists are very busy.

The dentists who want to be busy are staying busy. By using a call service, they are able to check on patients during the closure, notify patients upon reopen, or to fill the schedule in preparation of opening.

Their fees from 7 am-9 pm M-F is $6 per call. After hours and weekends are $10 per call. Being able to handle schedule changes after hours gives you more time to fill your appointments and be more productive. 37% of your calls happen nights and weekends. If there’s a hangup call or solicitor, you are not going to be charged. They have 100% retention and have grown by 100% just based on referrals.

Nifty Deal: 1st 10 Call Rollover calls complimentary – no setup fees, month-to-month!

To get this deal: [email protected], or alt. phone 612-597-3666

To be added to the triage list:  www.usdentaltriage.com