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Mike Buckner of Weave shares some of the tips and tools you can find on Weave to manage your office from afar as well as protect your patients going forward.

Mike Buckner from Weave says they are adjusting to working from home for the last 3 weeks. It has been a big shift for him to go from traveling frequently to being at home. This situation will change normal going forward, and it can be a great time of innovation.

We expect to see a lot of technology moving to touchless processes. Just like 9/11 changed the way we fly, COVID-19 will change how we deal with sanitation. Online forms and more frequent sanitation options will become much more the norm.

What are some of the things Weave has done to innovate? We provide both phone and business tools such as texting or online communication. One innovation is the mobile waiting room where the patient texts on arrival and fills out the form online. Prescreens with an automated text link can help screen patients when you reopen. Paperless forms will be the norm to lower risk. Online pay or having the patient handle their own card will prevent a lot of germ transfer as well. Using Apple Pay or Android Pay is actually more secure than carrying a credit card.

Streamlining your processes for better patient workflow is crucial to being more efficient. Using Weave to forward calls means you can call from home as well as receive office calls to continue booking. They also have rolled out a teledentistry option for a virtual consult which has an insurance code.

If you are a current Weave customer, check the COVID toolbox that gives instructions on some of the options you can do.

If you are not a current customer, text “NIFTY” to 385-293-3939 for more information.

They also have free CE available on their website. https://www.getweave.com/free-ce/

If you are using Weave already, you can advertise to your patients how the service helps to keep them safe.

What kind of advice would you give to everyone right now? First, the sun will shine again, so hold on to hope. There will be good that comes out of this. It’s a chance for us to rebuild relationships with friends and family. We will probably not have a chance to take this time again, so double down and make it count.