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Cory Pinegar of Callforce is a leader in the Nifty Thrifty community. When they started they were about 65 offices and now they service over 1700 offices. The Nifty group has allowed them to get feedback, get better, and grow the offices they serve.

  • NOTES:


    • Millions of dollars can be left on the books thanks to unscheduled treatment. Every time a phone call goes unanswered or a patient doesn’t schedule a follow-up appointment post-treatment, missed opportunities add up.
    • That’s why, this week, I sat down with Cory Pinegar, CEO of Callforce, to talk about his dental solutions company.
    • Cory and I met about four years ago, when I adopted Callforce for my own practice, and it’s been an amazing addition to my business. Thanks to Cory’s company, I’ve avoided leaving a lot of revenue on the table—Callforce has consistently done a great job filling my calendar with both new and overdue patients.
    • Callforce brings prominent dental leaders to train their teams on the specifics of each dental practice, molding their services around your specific needs.
    • You can count on Callforce to answer calls effectively both during the business day and after-hours. They’ll maximize your schedule by following up on unscheduled treatment as well as staying on top of your web chat features.
    • Callforce can thrive no matter what practice management software your practice uses. They’re super flexible when working with other products and services (e.g. CareStack).
    • Cory prides himself on the responsiveness of his company. If you’re in a pinch, you can reach out to Callforce and be rest assured that you’ll have a representative working on your case within 5 business days.
    • Learn about:
      • Managing overdue patients.
      • Capitalizing on unscheduled treatment.
      • The value of answering every phone call.
      • What has Callforce done for dental practices?
      • What services does Callforce offer (hygiene recall, unscheduled treatment services, etc.)?
      • And more!
    • Schedule a trial at getcallforce.com and don’t forget to check out their Nifty Thrifty Deal.




    • $27 per recall appointment, $50 per treatment, $200 of free service!