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MVP Mailhouse is your EDDM source that only does dentistry. They customize your mailings to target the right audience and get you high-value patients.

Aaron R Boone, CEO of MVP Mailhouse

PPO practices are entering the end of the year where benefits are used of lost. Now is the perfect time to meet the deadlines to get mailings out before the end of the year. By getting in early enough, you get the chance to find them and their family members available spots on your schedule. Don’t turn away potential patients, be prepared!

When is a good time to mail? August is typically a great month for everyone, but then Sucktember hits. October sees a bounce back, but you can finish strong with new patients and procedures.

They look at neighborhoods within a distance from your office that are targeted based on everything from family demographics to media preferences.

Using their Map IQ system, they input the locations from your last three years of patients and look at the trends and barriers to new patients. An analysis of the area and demographics helps customize the most effective marketing plan, whether it is EDDM or other marketing methods. No more mailing blindly.

MVP will do the Map IQ for anyone for FREE! The mailings have customized phone numbers to track which mailings are effective. They can still get mailings out by the end of the month. Mail in November needs to be the first 2 weeks. December will need to be the first week of December. If budget is a concern, 2 mailings can still be successful.

New practices can still use EDDM, but working from the inside out rather than a blanket campaign to the city.

The MapIQ will target not only routes but specific homes on the routes. Eliminating your current patients may help you spread your mailer budget to previously untapped neighborhoods.

He has been in the direct mail business for 8 years and only focuses on the dental industry.

To get started, schedule a 20-minute demo with a heat map (places where your patient base is coming from the past 3 years), links to the best mail routes as well as a starter or mare aggressive plan.

What kinds of deals work best? Call tracking and analytics as well as listening to the calls to find out who is responding to what. Using metrics from previous mailings will allow the successive mailings to focus on the most successful responses.

They educate your front desk on how to answer the calls. After the 3 mailings, they do an audit against new patients and response calls to let you know the results of your campaign.

Nifty Deal: Free Heat Map Analysis, Complete a 20-minute demo and get 250 designed referral cards for free, Sign up and get another 250 referral cards free ($400 value) Discount off a 5,000 mailer of $250, 10,000 mailers gives $500 off, 15,000 mailers or more $750 off