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Brandon Bomar of Professional Dental Servies talks about the facts of the Prexion CBCT.

Brandon Bomar of Professional Dental Services talks Prexion CBCT.
Let’s start with the facts: #1 PDS is the #1 dealer of Prexion
#2 PDS is a dealer all over the country that can support
#3 Prexion has a complete 10 year warranty from day of purchase
#4 Excelsior Pro has 5 fields of view 5X5 to 15X13
#5 .3mm focal spot for exceptional image quality

The Excelsior provides excellent view of the airway for sleep, ceph arm for ortho, and many more.
Standard scan has over 500 slices up to 1000.
There are never additional fees for service or calibration, unless your state requires as such. It self-calibrates each day.
When looking for the best CBCT, is it a good value, what do the numbers say, and is it best for your practice.
Liability in getting rid of your old unit can be an issue. Few reps will uninstall your unit and reinstall somewhere else.
PDS will be guaranteed to give you the best price.
Direct contact information – Cell – 602-733-4688 — Email – [email protected] — Feel free to send Brandon Bomar a message through facebook messenger as well for those “apples to apples” quotes!