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Dr. Casey Culberson shares a simple invention aimed to keep your patients entertained an happy while keeping your office Nifty Thrifty.

Dr. Casey Culberson, creator of the Molar Media Mount
He went to the University of Washington for undergrad and dental school. After starting out covering for his childhood dentist, he then bought into a partnership.
The molar media mount is an attachment to a dental light to allow patients to see a video screen simply. He finds it’s helpful in guiding a patient’s head in the direction that you need.
The design is lightweight and can be easily removed. That makes it safe and simple to use in the office.
The distraction makes a patient easier to work on, less anxious, and less worried about the time spent in the chair.
The tape is the same used for GoPro cameras to keep it secure. It is easy to install due to the adjustable part and 4 screw construction.
There are no cables or wires to deal with, just take the Ipad off to charge it at night.
They also sell Bluetooth headphones direct from the manufacturer.
The device is easy to clean and use.
Use a matte screen protector to prevent reflection.
You can incorporate the tablets you use for other office services.
Can you legally stream Netflix in a business? Get a motion picture license through the ADA for $300.
Nifty Deal: Buy 2 get one FREE
Bonus: Use code DRVO for 15% off of your order.
Large scale orders, contact Casey directly for even better deals.