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Dr. David Epstein shares his insight from over 50 years in pediatric dentistry and talks about how to make hygiene appointments for kids a treat.

**Show Notes**

Dr. David Epstein- Wonderful Dental
He started out as an electrical engineer but decided on dentistry after meeting a dentist in a bridge tournament.
While in dental school, he ended up working well with kids and went into pediatric dentistry. He enjoyed a 50-year career in peds.
Tips for working with children: Speak softly to calm a child and force them to listen. Pay attention to all of the senses because kids are sensitive. Talk to them and they are more likely to follow directions.
One of his former patients is now a doctor in the practice!
What was your motivation to start Wonderful Dental? He saw kids having bad experiences with terrible tasting prophy paste. He found someone who could make it, but only in large batches. He didn’t know how he would use all of it, so he started selling it to his friends.
Most parents don’t want to see their kids get fillings or dental work. Focusing on the benefits of recall and prevention.
Fluoride doesn’t taste delicious, we all know, but there is an improved flavor. An additional tip is to stir it for at least 10 seconds to evaporate the alcohol and lessen the bitter taste.
He believes that we can give a good quality product for a very reasonable price. It may not be huge savings, but the little pieces add up.
To help answer the need of the dental community, they designed a slightly coarser adult paste with the same great taste. It comes in chocolate, mint, and many other options. They offer free samples to try in your office.
How do you order? They only sell directly to the consumer to keep the cost low for the buyers. If they save money, we are passing the savings to you
This is a family business that is online that has been open for about 3 years.
How do we handle the parents? This generation is more entitled and wants to direct and want to direct their child’s care. Remind them that you are only doing what you would do for your own children or grandchildren. X-rays are not always needed if there is little history of concern.

What advice do you have for newer graduates? Find a friend who is a financial person who can give you advice, look to them for knowledge. The burden of student loans adds to the pressure to make decisions that risk compromising your ethics or values.
Nifty Thrifty Deal: $5 off a box of prophy paste packages of 200 beyond their already low prices.
The prophy paste is both nut and gluten-free, and comes in wonderful flavors like
Website: https://wonderfuldental.com/
Use Code: PY25TST