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Vivos addresses the core issue of airway obstruction via DNA sleep appliances. Dr. Felix Liao and Fred Auzenne discuss the method and strategy for Vivos devices.

Vivos addresses the core issue of airway obstruction via DNA sleep appliances. Dr. Liao discusses that typical nightguards for grinding are only giving the teeth a new surface to grind on, rather than fixing the problem of airway obstruction to stop the symptoms.

By focusing on maxillary placement and allowing the mandible to follow, we can affect the airway to improve sleep and allow the body to achieve prime conditions for healing.

The Vivos system affects both maxillary and mandibular movement to affect the oral cavity space. The appliance is FDA approved. For a repair timeline, he says 1/3 of his cases are finished in a year, another 1/3 finish in 18 months, and 3 years for cases such as maxilla retrustion or canine extraction cases. Many patients feel a marked improvement in the first month.

What is happening during mandibular expansion? DNA appliances contain an axial spring system that stimulates the stem cells. By stimulating the increase of bone that coincides with the tooth movement

How do you address skeptics who say that expansion cannot happen after puberty? Read chapter 16 of the book, look at the cases that prove otherwise. Expansion can take place. You need to understand that every general practice is an airway practice by default. It is time to look at the expansion of dentistry to affecting whole body health.

To find out more, go to http://www.holisticmouthsolutions.com.

How do we go from knowledge to application? The Vivos Integrated practice model gives you 35 hours of CE, 24 hours of practice management CE, marketing, medical billing, ongoing education and financial support. You have a practice advisor to help implement the system, as well as an integrated market advisor to help you learn to connect with health providers in the area. Training in Denver is unlimited for the first year. You will be able to bring a patient through the course treatment to use as a case model for your patients. The company is working with clinical trials and is compiling the world’s largest database of apnea patients to help serve our communities.


What is the typical cost for a patient? Pediatric patients are cheaper but averages about $7,500. Many doctors will charge $8,500 if using insurance. Insurance reimbursement varies, as is typical with medical coverage.

Do you need a cone-beam? You don’t need one and can send out for imaging, but 3D imaging gives the most accurate diagnosis. The medical billing aspect of owning a cone beam can expand your practice revenue in other areas besides DNA appliances.

Is there an introductory class? The Gaylord Marriott in Orlando September 11-14 for $895 includes 8 hours of CE, hotel, food. This includes the fast track that eliminates the first segment of training in Denver. Spouses can get a show pass for $395. Go to Denver for the next segment training and they will refund to you the Intro class fee! If you decide not to sign up as a provider, Vivos will give you a list of providers in your area to refer patients for treatment. If you decide to keep going, there is financing available. Training is typically $65,000, but if you sign up before the conference, it is $40,000.

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