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Dr. Gregg May shares ways to improve treatment acceptance by addressing what holds them back.

Gregg May – No matter how dentistry is changing, it still comes down to building relationships.

One thing that can help in case presentation is to use the 80/20 rule. Spend 80% on personal questions and 20% on presentation.

Dr. May dealt with Hurricane Katrina and after rebuilding, his practice caught on fire. He rented a few ops from a friend while rebuilding. In 2008 he was hit on his bike and injured himself. He tore his C4, started using pain meds, went through a divorce, and yet he persevered.

Learning communication was necessary for case acceptance. By realizing how necessary it was for him to get cases so he could get paid, he learned the importance of building rapport with patients. You can’t field this out because patients look to you as the expert and leader in the office.

Marketing is expensive and you become susceptible to the need for new patients when you can focus on getting treatment rates increased from the ones who do.

How much time should we take with a patient when you have a busy practice? New patients need 90 minutes because it should be the doctor who goes through their medical history.

Money, time, fear, and value are the main objections to treatment. Get the objections out of the way before presenting treatment. Leave money issues for last because you need to identify why the treatment is important to them due to quality of life, pain, etc. People buy from emotion and justify with logic unless they are in pain. Give patients options for financing to overcome the financial hurdle.

If your skills are that great and you aren’t trying to help as many people as you can, you shouldn’t be in dentistry.

He is part of a core group that focuses first on unscheduled treatment. That aspect alone pays for the fee. Consulting dentist to dentist gives a relational aspect that other consultants may not have. Training your hygienists to build rapport and keep presenting treatment can be beneficial to your practice as well.

If you aren’t getting patients to accept treatment, you need to learn how to present care with compassion. Doing the same thing will get you the same results.

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