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Dr. Jim Downs, an educator at Arrowhead Dental talks about their education courses to help improve your skills and create successful lab cases.

Dr. Jim Downs is an educator at Arrowhead Dental Labs. Their courses are some of the best CE at a fantastic price.
Dr. Downs got into dentistry after playing goalie in soccer and broke his jaw. After wiring his jaw shut, he became interested in dentistry and TMJ.
He is still a practicing dentist, which allows him to relate to the dentists he teaches.
Communicating with patients to discover the real need and how they arrived at the current situation and finding a way for them to afford it is incredibly important. Don’t aim for a patient’s approval, give them what you would tell your own parent.
Remember that you are a doctor of the oral cavity, not a mouth mechanic. Honor your abilities.
The course is interactive and deals directly with a patient case. Cameras, observation, and talking through the procedure make the learning truly immersive.
Everyday Occlusion courses are condensed to 2 days.
Learning to communicate with labs and learning from the lab directly on what you need for a successful case saves time, money, and contributes to patient success. Improving your own skills will improve your lab cases.
The idea is not to find fault between dentist or lab, but to work together to improve your cases in general.
Courses are kept small so that there is an opportunity to learn from each other and to make it more personable. Small groups keep the heart of dental education alive.
The full arch course is limited to 6 people. Repeating the course to learn more is encouraged.
The lab has seen improvement in the work submitted to the lab after the course, and they also address improving case acceptance. These cases aren’t just for new grads or less experienced doctors, they are for anyone who wants to grow and improve their skills.
Nifty Deal: 10 Year and Under New dentist program, or full arch and back to the basics courses.
$350 off, just mention you are a Nifty Thrifty member
(Some courses excluded)
Arrowhead 800-995-7243- Peggy