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Dr. John Wayland and Dr. Heath Hendrickson discuss Western Surgical and Sedation. They provide courses in both sedation and 3rd molar removal for general dentists.

Dr. John Wayland and Dr. Heath Hendrickson of Western Surgical and Sedation
What led them both to a practice focusing on 3rd molar extractions
Dr. Wayland has removed about 30,000 3rd molars while Dr. Hendrickson has done over 90,000

Dr. Hendrickson says the impacted teeth are much easier than fully erupted ones. Taking the teeth out before the roots grow can make a simple mental shift to make removal significantly easier
Being able to charge a lower amount in contrast to an OMS can help you gain volume from the area and keep your existing patient base in house

Straight handpiece or 45-degree angle high speed? Very few OMS would use a 45 angle. The straight handpiece gives better torque and transfers the energy to the tooth. What bur would you recommend? 1703L is the perfect shape and size for the working area.
Dr. Wayland, why did you decide to set up this course stateside? Being self-taught, he found a lot of people asking him to share his techniques, and it evolved out of the need.
How many teeth will I get to remove during the course? 8 to assist and 8 on your own. This is more than sufficient when they have broken everything down into simple step. There will also always be an instructor there to help you. They set up the same type of extractions to help you gain confidence and improve your technique.
What if I want to extract 3rd molars with roots? If you want to learn, how to remove teeth with roots, understand the inherent risks. They do offer a course for alumni of their initial course if interested. Case selection is incredibly important to consider which cases to do in your office.
The course involves a quick temporary license from Utah, a day of heavy lecture and observation followed by hands-on practice. In addition, the patients selected would otherwise be unable to afford 3rd molar extractions. Their most recent course provided over $20,000 in free dentistry.
Do you recommend 3rd molar extraction in all cases? We cannot predict complications down the line, so removal early on will prevent further complications. Removal much later is a more difficult surgery as well as a harder recovery for the patient.
Can I bring my assistant? There is no need to bring an assistant. As an assistant to another doctor, you get additional experience.
What’s the easiest way to sign up for the course? Go to the website

3rd Molar Ext Course
Normal Price – $8500
Nifty Price – $7500
Sign up on the Website – https://westernsurgicalandsedation.com/
Ask for the Nifty Thrifty Discount!