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Dr. Nate Jeal discusses the summit from DAM and how to approach marketing effectively in your practice.

**Show Notes**

Dr. Nate Jeal, Dental Authority Marketing, owns 6 practices with his wife and enjoys time with his 4 kids.
He’s too busy for social media drama.

Why did you get into marketing? It’s such a polarizing group.

Dr. Jeal says it’s better than being considered in “sales”

The marketing aspect allows him to spend the limited amount of chair time he has on doing higher revenue procedures or more meaningful treatments for patients.

DAM has a book, “The New Rules for Dental Marketing”
Request a book directly from Dr. Jeal or get it at their one day course

The event is limited to 30 people to get the most personal time.

If you don’t feel it was worthwhile, they will pay for your flight, hotel and ticket.

The course is a prerequisite for working with them as a client.

Things you will learn at the course: This is a course that teaches marketing, not more skills. You can learn to use your strengths and skills you already have. Learning the sales cycle