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Dr. Robert Pick shares thoughts on building patient relationships and leading your team.

Dr. Robert Pick of the Pick Group.
Life changes quickly. One moment in 1997 he thought he had a stomachache which turned into a ruptured appendix and rapidly spreading cancer without missing work.
He pioneered using lasers in dentistry. This opened many opportunities for him to work with Fortune 500 companies and gain insight into business practices. He started the Pick group to help build stronger dental practices with business ideology in mind.
What helped you get through that tough time? He loves what he does as a periodontist, as well as teaching and helping others.
What’s up with the purple cow? It is from a book. If you saw a field full of black and white cows and one purple cow, it would stand out. Stand out for all the rights reasons, but stand out.
Purple cow wows are things that make you stand out from the competition. If you figure out your why, you develop your business as well as your mission and culture.
Build a relationship with your patient and you will have 100% treatment acceptance.
He meets every new patient in a separate room and the assistant will help while you do the exam. It builds trust in what you say.
How do we find out where you are speaking? Go to the www.thepickgroup.com
What is your advice for dealing with today’s team members? Learning the DISC profiles and hospitality quotient, which is the natural curiosity about people.
How do I deal with staff? Staff is an infection, you need a team. Wait until the end of the day and bring your office manager in to handle it. You need to balance the clinical and CEO hats.
Be careful in setting your tone at a morning huddle. Issues should have been done the night before.
Don’t shy away from your team knowing your numbers. Your team will be able to help rally around you.
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