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Dr. Scott Leune is the founder of Breakaway Seminars. He shares best practices for auditing, what we need to focus on for a successful practice, and many other ideas on becoming your best self.

**Show Notes**
Scott Leune is the founder of Breakaway seminars
The landscape of dentistry is changing from what we used to know. There are Super DSOs, mid sized groups to about 100 practices, private multiple practice owners of 5-30 practices, direct to consumer offices, and even dental insurance companies owning practices.
Solo practice dentistry is changing. We have to learn how to better run our businesses.
One of the most stressful jobs we can have as a dentist is owning a job. The DSOs run a business, but private practice dentists are so focused on the clinical that they don’t work on increasing their business skills to create profit.
We learn what needs to be done in our practice or what will improve our practice, but don’t do it.
Breaking his back in the first year as a dentist caused Dr. Leune to have to focus on the business side of dentistry, hiring associate dentists, and learning why the same formula doesn’t work in every location.
Laws for a small group or area don’t always hold true on a larger scale or can hide surprising information.
He hates most events that focus on building hype instead of actionable content.
The event Summit is packed with some of the most influential people in the industry with over 40 hours of content. No promoting products, just practical tasks and ideas to use in your office.
The summit is not just for dentists, and is precluded by several dental one-day events. Your ticket to those events gives you access to the Breakaway summit.

Why do systems fail? Things are not being followed up with or the system was not useful or efficient or scaled with growth.
What are your daily rituals? Wake up at 5am, workout, get kids up and out the door, work 8am on immediate issues, 9-2 is general work, 2-3 is putting out fires from the day. Make time for family. Work to live, not live to work.
The work retreat is several days with a very small group of dentists. The focus is on creating accountability.
Finding a community of people who inspire you and light your fire to continue improving.
How do you audit a staff without nagging? Some of the information can be from data,
Talk, training, engage cycle can assess improvement or audits
Some items audited are minor, but collectively they are all major issues
What caused the huge loss after the first expansion? Not being systematized, opening too many practices too quickly, hiring from a limited applicant pool very quickly. By created the best systems and expectations in the practice, they turned a large continual loss into profit.
When are the best times to do marketing? Should we target the slow month or keep it continuous?
Most areas see best response early in the year or September
Do we have an open or closed schedule practice?

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