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Dr. Tuan Pham is an industry leader in online education, but they can kick it old school too! The Maverick Summit will be held in Austin, TX August 2-3rd, 2019. Dr. Pham discusses the importance of events such as this and some of the topics covered.

Maverick was at the forefront of online education

Now they are taking it old school with their Maverick dental conference

This isn’t stuffy CE with a dinner and open bar.

Not only will you learn, but you’ll build relationships IRL

Releasing content in small chunks creates manageable small changes that lead to big results without getting overwhelmed.

How do I create staff accountability? I make the request and expectations clear and follow through to make sure it’s done

Leadership is about the process of creating a fair environment and a strong standard of expectations

Mentors, coaches, and community will help you grow because you don’t know everything

Maverick help you get past your excuses for missing time, getting info overload, travel

The community provides lots of opportunities for follow up questions

Create the practice you want and build the environment you want to make your office a place you want to be

Dr. Vo will be speaking at the event as well as Dr. Len Tau, Dr. Charlton Ho, Dr. Brett Murphy, Dr. Olya Zahrebelny, Dr. Ryan O’neil, Dr. Emily LeTran, Dr. Todd Erlich, Dr. Gina Dorfman

The event includes 9 CE credits, 9 speakers, all meals with open bar INCLUDED in your price.


Promo code: nifty

$75 off making it $375