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Dr. Balanoff shares information about the Smiles Perfected Whitening System and how it gets past the hurdles of in-office whitening.

Smile perfected was created by a dentist with the struggles and challenges an office faces.
Average office does 2 zooms per year, but this gives you a more favorable patient experience and an easier sell for the dentist.
They use the prophy plus approach. By removing the pellicle layer, you get better whitening.
It addresses the pain points of time and cost for the patients.
A new practice will get enough treatments for your staff to try it.
If a patient doesn’t like it, they will send you a free replacement.
Get customized marketing to fit your practice needs and goals.
This is an affordable price point that makes a simple add on service to increase your hygiene production and increase patient satisfaction.
There are marketing videos and material to help you promote it in your office for free.
There is no sensitivity or gum blocking, so an assistant can do the treatment as well.
If you don’t like the system, return it in 30 days for a full refund!
Patients who mention your office in their FB or Instagram post will get a free whitening pen from the company as a thank you.
Can we do varnish after the appointment? Yes, the varnish goes on after the treatment
You can also offer it as a free addition to a clear aligner case or as a loss leader for new patients.
$99 is the suggested price, but your office can find what works for you.

Smile Perfected:
Uses a Prophy Plus approach for the cleanest teeth and effective whitening
Patient time is only 20 minutes
Convenience of a preloaded tray
No Sensitivity
Take home touch up pen included
An affordable option for your patients
Packaging does not require refrigeration and has a 2 year shelf life

The Smile Perfected System Includes:
1 Smile Perfected Quick Acceleration LED Perfect Shade Light
24 Smile Perfected Treatment Kits
– Pre-Loaded Tray
– Take Home Pen
– Lavender Towelette
1 Pack (12) Take-Home Whitening Pens
1 Smile Perfected Safety Glasses
1 Pack Smile Perfected Brochures
Smile Perfected Point-of-Purchase Displays
Marketing Support & Comprehensive Instructions

Get started with a Nifty Discount on the Smile Perfected whitening system
Normal Price – $1,295
Nifty Price – $1,195
This is the lowest price EVER offered!

Already a customer?
Reorders will receive a 10% discount on 2-12 packs.
Get a free light with a kit re-order!

How to get this deal:
Call: 877-624-6674
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