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Jeff Guidie of 4G Dental Labs discusses new updates to their services.

Jeff Guidie is the CEO of 4G Dental Labs
4G doesn’t charge a model fee for a nightguard, a nightguard will run between $59-$79 dollars with no additional cost for scans vs impressions.
Implant packages make it clear on your costs with no hidden fees.
While they do not do sleep apnea advices, he does have several labs he recommends.
Their newest improvements include a customer portal to look into your cases. Check for shipping and receiving information, case details, online bill payments, etc. It will go live October 28th, with a link on their website. First time users will need their account number for setup.
What is the 4G Learning Center? It is a new space coming in early 2020 for CE events and training for approximately 50 doctors. He will make a great deal for current customers. Host your meeting free as a customer!
A full zirconia crown is $54, but you can take $5 for a submitted scan. High translucent zircona is excellent for premolars and anteriors for $69. Emax crowns are $85. Layered zirconia is $79 for a midgrade option.
Shipping charges are included on fixed cases. Removables have a $7 shipping charge. All cases have a 2 week turnaround time.
To start with 4G, go to the website and request a starter kit from the “contact us” 833-682-6301 or email admin@4Gdentallab.
They accept multiple platforms for scans if converted to an stl file and put in Dropbox.
Nifty Deal: New customers- 10 crowns and the 9th and 10th crown will be free! No need to track anything, the deal is automatic.
Current customers- any referrals you send, you will get your next 2 crowns free when they order their 10th crown.
Thank you to the Nifty Community for the relationships and growth you have helped them experience in the last year.