Nifty Deals: Jordon Comstock(BoomCloud) – In Office Membership Plans

May 29, 2019
Jordon Comstock of BoomCloud talks about the benefits of an in-office dental discount plan. Their service automates the process to give you better options for your patients and a recurring revenue stream for you.

**Show Notes**
Jordon grew up in the dental industry and managed a dental lab when he was younger. In seeing the stress that insurance programs caused for offices he knew there was a better way to do things. After seeing an office using a membership plan, he decided he could build a platform for patient membership. is his website. The podcast is called “Navigating Dental Insurance Podcast”
BoomCloud is a platform for signing up and running an in-house membership program
How hard is BoomCloud to use? So easy a caveman can do it.
To start, they do a free demo and consult on how you should set up in your office.
After you sign on, there is training and onboarding practice.
The setup fee includes the print and marketing materials
The software also allows payment plans with auto deductions. You can also set up interest and payment options within the program.
Keep your payment plans under 6 months is their personal suggestion
New features are typically given to our users for free.
New features coming out include a new visual layout, ACH features will be simplified
IT can integrate with any practice management software
Is a membership plan legal? Yes, but check your state for primary care laws.
Why do we need to auto renew? They are more committed to your practice and getting treatment. It also promotes predictable revenue. It also creates scalability by doing automatic payments are auto-renew. fee is usually $1000, Nifty Setup is $750. Monthly service is typically $300/ month, the Nifty price is $270 per month. That’s a 10% savings.
BoomCloud University will educate staff on the importance and strategies of an in-house dental discount plan.
go to the website for a free demo, you can also get their free book download.