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Super Dental Consultant Kelly Schwartz discusses common issues found in practices and how to improve based on your own vision for your business.

**Show Notes**
* He began in Dallas as a corporate trainer and worked to place systems in a dental consulting firm while learning about the industry
* Works with 700 practices in 26 states
* Works on referrals and word of mouth.
* He lives what he teaches in work and life balance and family.
* What is the most common problem you see in practices? Trying to deal with too many things that take away from effective production.
* He recommends followup calls to schedule regular patients with no treatment. Reappoint those with treatment needed.
* Systems and patient dialogue are common issues in the office.
* They aim to use your own philosophy to better the practice in your own way.
* Do you work with all specialties? He has worked with several specialists but is very selective.
* Why do you need analytics? It helps you find the best producing patients and improving patient acceptance
* Learn Kelly’s strategy for capacity and bringing on new patients.
* Learn how to “love a patient out of your practice”.
* Case acceptance rate is the greatest metric to him because a productive schedule is more important than a full schedule.
* Asking for referrals in a personal way gives better acceptance.
* Schedule your best patients on Monday morning to keep your schedule from falling apart over the weekend.
* Using an in-office savings plan can be an appealing option for many patients.
* May the Schwartz be with you!
* What kinds of programs do they offer? A 2 day “light program”, a CEO program that meets several times a year to review systems, and a full coaching program
* Nifty Deal: Snapshot with VI to assess the practice, the 2-day program is $6000 but Nifty Price is $5000, $3500 off the full fee program
* A Once a year CEO program for existing clients as well as a few other dentists in Charlotte.