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Kenzie Hess Broxson is back to talk about the facebook group “Cracking the Dental Insurance Code”, training with PK Performance Solutions, and a fantastic Nifty Deal.

Kenzie Hess Broxson is an expert in dental insurance claims and co-founder of PK Performance Solutions. Her new Facebook group Cracking the Dental Insurance Code has amassed over 3000 members in the first few days.

Outsourcing insurance can be kicking the can down the road, but having an in-office specialist. Training someone in your office will help your local economy, be self-reliant, and serve your patients best.

PK Performance offers an E-learning program that is interactive rather than a video system. By starting with foundations of dentistry to learn treatments and technical aspects of dentistry, you gain a greater understanding of what a procedure entail. Comprehension checks along the way help to identify weaknesses or things to review, and the learned is not allowed to move on until a percentage of comprehension is reached. The doctor can see the review results to oversee their training. If you have a potential new hire that says they have experience, you can have them take only the exams to assess their skills.

The dentistry basics module works through the processes of different procedures, then they learn the basics of insurance, followed by narratives and submitting claims.

If you are still having difficulties, PK has a portal to help with complicated claims or possible issues that you may get stuck on.

Where can you find their site? www.PKPerformancesolutions.com

It is a platform rather than a class that you go through once.

Kenzie began in the banking industry, but was recruited by a customer who was a dentist. She was fortunate enough to have an excellent mentor to learn from, and now they are partners. The dental industry needs more successful onboarding for new hires, and this fills that serious need in regards to insurance.

How long would it take for a new hire to get through the program? It is self-paced, but it should take a few weeks. It is not something to binge watch. Taking it in smaller sections will help with retention.

One of the most important things to remember is to have good notes and clear narratives, preop xrays, photos during and after, doing buildup and crown on the same day, and make sure your attachments are included. Claims reviewers have a quota and will deny it immediately if they don’t have anything they need at submission.

What is a scaling vs. SRP- you need perio charting, narratives noting bleeding and calculus location, and FMX. Some clearinghouses require formatting of UL,UR,LL,LR or 1020,30,40 etc.

What is the goal for your group? I was inspired to help people with my expertise because it is an area with a lot of questions and need.

The platform has an automated or customizable track to design the program specifically to your office.

They are also partnering with Dr. Raghunath Puttaiah to offer HIPAA and OSHA training/certification as well.

The fee for Basic Standard Package is $2900 for the first year, then $2400. Customized is $5,100 the first year then $3,600 per year after that.

Nifty Deal: Standard Training Program: $2,700/year ($200 off), $2,400 year 2+

Customized Training Program: $4,700/year ($400 off), $3,600 year 2+

5 Day Free Trial


Go to https://pkperformancesolutions.com/nifty/ to see the Nifty Deal and schedule a time to talk!