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Laura Hatch of Front Office Rocks takes a bit of mystery out of what happens in the front of your office. Join us as she answers questions about the importance of your front office team.

Why is the front office so difficult for many doctors? It’s a lack of knowledge and the fear to say, “I don’t know what I’m doing”.

What are some of the most common questions? How do I deal with the doctors? The front does not get the same kind of training that a doctor may get. A lack of communication and a lack of training creates a big disconnect. There is no school for front office like there is for the doctor, hygiene, or assistant. Most of the time they have to learn as they go.

Front office rocks has over 300 videos that focus on different topics and positions. Their coordinators work through the practice’s individual issues and customize the track. Team members can watch together and learn.

The hot topics are insurance, phones, and cancellations. There are three types of no shows: new patients, doctor production, and hygiene. Each has a different issue that must be addressed.

The focus of doctors is production, but they need to focus on case acceptance. That falls on the doctors for responsibility to spend time with the patients to build trust and to show the need for treatment.

The front needs to know the numbers, just like everyone else on the team. Knowing the metrics helps them to be more productive like the back office.

In regards to phones, make sure the phones are being answered all the time by trained people. The phone is the most important piece of technology in our practice.

How do we need to handle price shoppers? Don’t give prices when possible. We can’t diagnose over the phone and stress that they should be in the office for diagnosis. Try to turn calls into consultations.

There are 3 ways to use or system: New hires, subject-specific, or as a team activity. If you want anything to change, you need time planned to make those changes. Ongoing training is important because we get beat up in our jobs and become frustrated, complacent, or need new skills. If you aren’t growing, you’re stagnant.

Next year they will do events that are small, subject-specific events that include live stream option with CE. They will be a day and a half in three different locations. The information will be on the Front Office Rocks website.

How do we get today’s employees to be engaged? State your why, goal and focus. Allow them to buy into the goal and they will work hard for you.