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Maverick dental lab is known for its outstanding quality and service, and they have expanded to provide even more great options with their dental burs. In this episode, Maverick shares new products and burs as well as offer our listeners a Nifty Deal!

Looking for the best burs in the business?
Tired of hearing that Dentistry isn’t “tough enough”?
Maverick will bring you exceptional quality and lots of street cred with their badass burs!

They will build you a custom bur block with your favorites, store it in their system for simple reordering, and even offer a custom labeled bur block so your tools always end up in the right op!

Burs that work swiftly and smoothly are a time saver, and their affordability makes them a money saver too!

They are offering 20% off your order for our Nifty Deal!
Every Maverick order of $250 or more ships with a free C & B Kit

Deal: 20% orders on burs
Promo code: Niftybod20