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Sean Ryan is part of Medidenta, Prophy Magic, and Whiter Image. Their companies provide high-quality products at rock bottom prices to help your bottom line.

Sean Ryan is part of Medidenta, Prophy Magic, and Whiter Image.
Handpiece buyback deal- Medidenta – They will take back ANY handpiece and you get a new handpiece of equal or lesser value for HALF OFF! And they even pay for shipping! They offer air free highspeed and surgical lines. Unless a company is a manufacturer, they are coming from the same distributor. They come from the same place, same product, but Medidenta doesn’t do extreme markup or have lots of overhead they pass on to customers.
Oiling your handpieces effectively and running it for several minutes can help slow down, function, and longevity of your handpieces.
How can we offer such great deals and bulk on prophy angles or handpieces? They know that you will love their products enough to reorder again and again. They provide the only air free highspeed handpieces in the industry and carry comparables to any handpiece you may currently be using. Chairside turbine replacement is affordable and quick.
Higher end handpiece warranty 2 years, turbine replacement adds another year of warranty. They will extend some grace within reason if you fall over the warranty period. As a Nifty Thrifty Facebook member, you have the advantage of having help easily accessible by reaching out to the people who directly serve your needs.
Startups have extensive needs so Medidenta can create packages to fit specifically to your needs.
Buy 1 get 3 free on 2400 series
Prophy Magic- Swap out deal- see a package that ALMOST works for you? Reach out for a swap out that leaves you SUPER happy! No more unneeded products just to get a deal on what you need.
They always have a live deal page, just do a Nifty Search for each of the websites.

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