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Reuben Kamp of Darkhorse talks cyber security, ransomware, and keeping your patient files safe.

Reuben Kamp- Darkhorse
Perksoft out of Milwaukee was hacked and affected over 400 practices by a ransomware that currently has no solution.
Two-factor authentication when available is always going to be a good idea.
Darkhorse has personal ID that protects their clients, and given the current hack, they went back through to reevaluate their security to keep their clients safe and double check all of their settings. Thankfully they were all in place correctly.
In January, Windows will not be updating 2007 or 2008. Not updating leaves you very vulnerable to hacking. Having a current and updated system, firewall, and backup system are going to put plenty of safety nets in place. Insurance on your practice through cyber liability policies will help pay for the breach costs, PR, notification of your patient base, and other issues that arise from the event.
Ransomware is a blackmail where hackers will lock down your files and up the ransom fees until it is paid or will delete your files.
Cyber insurance can often be purchased from your current provider, or Ruben suggests TechRug.
Every Darkhorse customer offers $500k in cyber security insurance as a customer.
Every person has customizable package between $450- $650/ month based on number of computers, amount of support needed, etc.
There’s a one- time component fee for onboarding where they come in person to install your system.
When there is difficulty with hardware, they can remotely log on for support, as well as having regional tech support for in office assistance when needed.
Nifty Deal: Sign up with Darkhorse on the most common plan -Unlimited Remote Support plus HIPAA Plan and get a $695 Cisco Meraki MX67 Firewall for free

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