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Steve Incontrera of Compassionate Finance discusses the importance of making procedures affordable for patients who may not be able to qualify for more traditional financing options.  Making treatment affordable is a compassionate way to reach your production goals.

Compassionate Finance works with patients to make dentistry affordable for someone that may have a lower credit score, but consistently pays their bills. Their team trains your office to present the option to patients, while a second team works on the patient side to keep them on track or work with issues.
Do I get full payment up front?
They recommend offices to take 20% as a down payment to cover hard costs, then payments are shown on the dashboard each week.

Can I charge interest?
Offices can charge interest according to their state regulations. Payments are auto withdrawn from the patient’s bank account.

What is your acceptance?
The vast majority qualify, and the ability to run the credit gives you an opportunity to present multiple options.

What features are you adding to the company?
Compassionate finance has plans to begin marketing to the public. By accepting the service, you are included in their list of providers. This will bring patients willing to accept treatment directly into your office for treatment.

Who is responsible for nonpayment?
If the patient defaults, the responsibility is on you to turn them in for collection. Compassionate works with the patient extensively to keep this from happening. The interest offsets the risk to your office.

The Nifty Deal:
15-minute demo to learn more
$1,500 set-up fee with training, marketing materials, iPad
$1,100 set-upfor Nifty Deal
$600 set-up if you do not need the ipad to do your 30-second chairside approvals.

Regular Monthly fee $199
Nifty fee $159

To get this deal or schedule a demo: