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Nextiva offers VOIP phone with a host of additional options. With over 100,000 customers, Nextiva stays on the cutting edge of VOIP technology. They are bringing the Nifty Thrifty group a really nifty deal.

Vlad Kostovski is with Nextiva, the 6th largest telecom service in the country with over 100,000 customers.
They have 8 points of service (8 towers to work from) so you have shorter travel distance for better call quality. One thing that makes Nextiva different from their competitors is that they run at 40% capacity, so updates to service will not cause interruptions.
Some of the great features of Nextiva service include call recording- stored for 6 months, 2-way text messaging, options to chat with your team individually or in groups as well as images so you know with whom you are chatting. Additional support features include a desktop app, 150-word professional greeting, and call pop.
The deal:
Enterprise package
$26/ month per line- 36-month contract, taxes and fees not included
One phone per line included

Check Nextiva out here – https://www.nextiva.com/x/nextiva-features.html
To get this deal:
Schedule a 15-minute call with Vlad Kostovski to assess your needs – https://calendly.com/vlad-kostovski