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Weave is a patient communication platform for dental practices. In this episode, they show us some great features and updates to their service and offers listeners a Nifty Deal.

Weave is an All-in-One Patient Communication Platform
Patient Reminders+Phones+Analytics+Reviews+And More

Here’s the Nifty Deal:
No activation fee ( $1,500 value!)
FREE Phones!!!!!!
$549 per month ($600 off when you pay for the year upfront)
No Contracts!

Here’s the scoop on Weave:
Weave does phone, confirmations, texting, and reviews
Preset texts are stored for patient reminders
Appointment fill texts to quickly inform patients with treatment due to your availability
Text to pay options
Texts and calls sent through the app show as the office number- no more patients having your personal info!
Practice analytics with multiple metrics And tons more!

How do you get this Deal?
Click here – https://try.getweave.com/nifty/