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Dr. Jeff Buske DDS, is a dentist who has been in private practice since 1997. He has studied with some of the top Dentists and Specialists in the world to provide. Sits with Dr. Vo to discuss Optimizing Masculinity and Mental Health for Male Dentists.


Let’s Level Up…


You choose who is a member of your “family” by the people you spend the most time with. Because of the significant amount of time that will be spent on this subject, we will provide you with the resources that you require in order to cultivate “clear intentions” on each of your relationships.


There is more to one’s financial situation than the amount of money in their bank account or how much they make annually. It is about generating results based on your purpose. This significant portion of time will be allotted to you so that you can construct your own financial vehicle and compete against those constructed by others.


The amount of love and care you have for yourself, as assessed by your overall “functional fitness.” You will have a great time getting to know people in the neighborhood while playing flag football, beach volleyball, and the brand new sport of bubble beach soccer on one of our major blocks.


This has nothing to do with following any one faith. Your spiritual connection, or faith, is what gives your life meaning and direction. This significant portion of time will be spent to “opening your eyes” to the places where you direct your energy and the outcomes that come about as a result of doing so.


Friday Nov 11, 2022 – Sunday Nov 13, 2022

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