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Paul Edwards is the CEO of CEDR HR Solutions. He shares answers to HR and Covid focused employment questions.


They have 2200 members they represent throughout the US


 The biggest thing is to maintain social distance and keep PPE on at all times


If you have exposure in your office of the doctor and the staff, report it to the state health department and follow their directions


If a staff member has it, report it to workman’s comp as soon as possible to report an incident quickly so that there is a chance it can be covered


Up to 80 hours is paid as sick time for the CARE act and you will get 100% reimbursement for the sick pay


 If a doctor recommends quarantine for an employee with COVID-19, you can use the CARES Act to pay them while on leave


If a team member shows symptoms, tell them to see a doctor immediately

If a team member refuses to get tested, you can require it as a condition of returning to work and they cannot refuse to test if they want to stay employed

Hear out your employees on their willingness to be in a physical office, make sure that they and their families will be safe if they work full-time again

For everyone, monitor your temp regularly, use social distance, and help your family be mindful of their exposure to prevent passing it into the office

If a team member will be traveling, think about what state they are leaving from and where they are going; If you think it is unsafe, you could always say that you don’t approve of their time off if you have a clause in your handbook

If you are requiring testing in your office, you need to pay for it


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