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Mike emphasizes Pearl AI’s expertise in computer vision, specifically in interpreting X-rays.

Dr. Glenn Vo kicks off the podcast at SmileCon 2023, excited to have Mike from Pearl AI as a guest.

What Sets Pearl AI Apart:

  • Mike emphasizes Pearl AI’s expertise in computer vision, specifically in interpreting x-rays.
  • The unique ability to identify 500-700 colors and tones of gray in x-rays sets Pearl AI apart from other AI companies.
  • The focus on precision in diagnostics, reducing reliance on human interpretation in oral health care.

Impact of State-of-the-Art Equipment on Patient Decision-Making:

  • Discussion on how advanced technology influences patient choices in the information age.
  • Patients seek dentists using cutting-edge technology, and Pearl AI not only enhances diagnostics but also showcases a commitment to top-tier care.

Addressing Skepticism Towards AI in Dentistry:

  • Dr. Vo and Mike address concerns from dentists skeptical about relying on AI for diagnoses.
  • Emphasis on adapting to patient expectations and the need for a shift in perspective toward technology in dental practices.

FDA Approval and Patents:

  • Pearl AI’s distinction as the first AI business to introduce FDA-cleared illness detection with global approvals.
  • Discussion on the significance of having patents, highlighting the rigorous process involved in obtaining FDA approval.

The Role of AI in Dentistry’s Future:

  • Mike shares his journey in dentistry and why he believes AI will become a standard of care in every dental clinic.
  • Personal anecdotes emphasizing the importance of AI in early detection and prevention of diseases, drawing parallels with personal experiences.

Long-Term Contracts and Customer Service:

  • Addressing concerns about long-term contracts and the commitment to earning business through quality service.
  • Highlighting the significance of customer service and training teams with dental experience.

Onboarding Process and Historical Analysis:

  • Details on Pearl AI’s unique onboarding process, involving real-time detections and an 18-month historical analysis of previous x-rays.
  • Discussion on the time it takes to gather and evaluate data for comprehensive analysis.

Upcoming Projects and Innovations:

  • Teasing upcoming projects, with a focus on making insurance processes easier for practitioners.
  • Emphasis on supporting dentists and empowering them in their practices through innovative solutions.

Special Offer for Nifty Thrifty Dentist Podcast Listeners:

John from Pearl AI shares a special offer for Nifty Thrifty Dentist podcast listeners, providing a discount on the setup fee and highlighting the potential financial benefits of using Pearl AI.


Dr. Vo wraps up the podcast, expressing gratitude to Mike and John for sharing valuable insights at SmileCon 2023.

Closing Statements and Call to Action:

Encouraging listeners to explore Pearl AI’s offerings and take advantage of the special offer discussed in the podcast.

Stay tuned for future episodes and updates from the Nifty Thrifty Dentist podcast.

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