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Carestack provides an All-in-one solution in practice management. To make it even easier to update your technology, they are partnering with Darkhorse Tech to bring you a simple solution with fantastic savings.

Our Nifty Thrifty FB Live is full of businesses we love in our group. Reuben Kamp of Darkhorse Tech, Jim Gerson and Dan Hall of Carestack are all joining us today. Darkhorse Tech works for 615 dental offices and growing to provide IT support for practices all over the country. Carestack is a completely cloud-based practice management platform. They use technology to provide touchless solutions for dental offices. The second group of clients is people who know they can do better and come to eliminate using multiple services.

If I switch platforms, will I lose all of my data? You will not lose your data, but it does take some effort. Your IT team can help simplify the process.

Can someone who does IT as a side gig install this? It’s not a good plan, especially considering the information that is being transferred.

What percentage of practices are changing platforms as an existing practice? About 90% of their new customers are converting to a new platform because they realize they can find multiple solutions in a single product. It’s not just changing products, it involves unlinking all of your third party vendor add-ons. Those fees really start to add up, where Carestack includes many of the services you would use in a single monthly price.

Why is Carestack different? Think about when you used to get cable, internet, phone, etc as separate bills, but advancements have bundled them together. Older platforms were created before the internet or cloud-based systems were used. These systems require third-party services to be bolted on to their platform to get what you want out of your services.

If you go with cloud-based software do you fire your IT guy? It lowers the demand for them because you don’t need a backup system unless it includes 3D images, but the IT system does so much more.

Subscription fatigue, too many platforms, or simplifying your process is a great reason to switch.

What does team training look like? Each office gets an implementation manager along with a Carestack University that you can monitor progress. Each user has training in the roles they have in the office. The training is lifetime use, so you can use it with all new hires going forward.

What do I need to have to switch to cloud-based? Everything from phones, cameras, x-ray sensors, printers, and practice management systems are all covered by IT. Ransomware, Firewalls, and secure emails are other tasks that an IT company will handle for you.

Let us lower the barrier to changing your service by giving a SUPER Nifty Deal!

How long does it take to reach someone at Carestack for issues? Their average is 23-28 seconds. Your account manager will help you integrate new services. Carestack is month-to-month because they have no doubt that you will love their service.

Nifty Deal: Carestack- 50% off a one-time implementation fee- $600 (normally $1200)

First 3 months of service FREE (starting at a $1794 value)

Darkhorse add on- Free Darkhorse Tech service of $300/ month for 6 months, a FREE Hardware Firewall ($695 Value) for a total savings of $2595

Walkthrough the demo for an additional gift

To get this deal: Go to https://meetings.hubspot.com/carestack-dan/website-demo-request and mention Nifty Thrifty Dentists