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Dr. Chrystle Ku is the brains behind Cocofloss and practices in San Mateo, CA as a general dentist. Today we talk about her innovative product Cocofloss and how her business came to fruition.


When she was educating patients she realized she didn’t have a good floss to recommend because it wasn’t as effective as she thought it should be


Cocofloss is made with several polyester and microfiber filaments, this is because of the stickiness of those materials, allowing for plaque to be caught easily within the fiber


The flavors are a small luxury that can help flossing be reframed as self-care rather than a chore to be done


The branding and packaging were inspired by a candy store, as well as something they would be proud to have on their counters


They started with a 21-day floss challenge before the product launched, she surveyed them before and after about their experience


She also advises that you should determine your goals before you set out to do something like this, as that was a big struggle for her



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Website: https://cocofloss.com/



Phone Number: 855.661.4719

Instagram: @GetCocofloss