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Together with my partners, Nuno Tavares and Andy Klepner, we’ll introduce a marketing tool made for dentists and for your team.


  • Dentist Axis was created in conjunction with a dentist to offer the all-in-one solution for your marketing needs. Everything in one platform – just plug and play and you’re ready to market!
  • Easy to do funnel creation (just change pictures and words) for teeth whitening, braces, and many other services.
  •  Integrated calendars that will automate many of your front desk calls.
  • Pre-made emails that you can edit and send out to your patients. Just click and send!
  • Roll out advertising in an hour!
  • So easy that anyone in your practice can jump on and send out emails, make calls, create marketing campaigns in just a few clicks.



Our goal is to be the ONLY marketing platform you will ever need and part of that process is ensuring we get all the input from the practice owners. So we are looking for 25 more dentists to be beta testers.

Click here: https://go.dentistaxis.com/WaitList  to get on the waitlist to be one of our beta testers!