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Revolutionizing Dental Practices: A Comprehensive Overview of Adit’s Innovative Dental Management Platform

Josh Gosnell serves as the Vice President of Business Development at Adit, a leading dental software platform based in Houston, Texas. In his role, Josh plays a pivotal role in driving business growth and development strategies for Adit Dental. With a wealth of experience and expertise in the dental industry, Josh is dedicated to helping dental practices optimize their operations and achieve success through the innovative solutions offered by Adit.

Show Notes:
In this exclusive webinar, Dr. Glenn Vo hosts Jonathan and Ali from Addit, a cutting-edge dental management platform. Together, they provide a deep dive into the transformative features and benefits that Addit offers to dental practices.

Key Points Covered:
Inbound Call Enhancements:
Gain valuable insights during inbound calls, accessing patient details like unscheduled treatments, family information, and date of birth.
Engage in meaningful patient conversations, setting the stage for enhanced patient relationships.

Communication Capabilities:
Explore versatile communication options, including text messages and phone calls.
Easily conduct mass texting to custom lists for birthday wishes, itinerary confirmations, and appointment reminders.
Reminder Customization:
Create personalized reminders based on various parameters, such as operatories, providers, and treatment codes.
Adapt reminders to patient characteristics, appointment status, and preferred languages.

Missed Call Texts and Payment Reminders:
Address missed calls with automated texts, apologizing and promising a callback within 15 minutes.
Streamline payment processes with automated reminders, updating practice management software and notifying patients of outstanding balances.

Internal Chat Software:
Explore the internal chat feature for seamless communication within the team.
Build threads and communicate like a Slack channel, ideal for Dental Service Organizations with applied IP restrictions.

Patient Forms Integration:
Overcome the challenges of integrating patient forms seamlessly.
Addit transforms paper or digital forms into editable digital formats, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Automated Form Reminders:
Effortlessly track pending forms and receive real-time notifications.
Automate reminders to prompt patients to complete forms before appointments, enhancing practice efficiency.

Onboarding Process Overview:
Understand the comprehensive onboarding process, including introductory demos and configuration meetings.
Streamlined steps to set up phones and customize software preferences based on your practice’s unique needs.

Ongoing Support:
Commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.
A dedicated support team is ready to assist with any questions or concerns.

Exclusive Nifty Deal:
Schedule a demo through the provided link and receive a $50 Amazon gift card just for talking to Addit.
Enjoy a 50% discount on the onboarding activation fee, providing significant savings for an integrated dental practice management solution.

Closing Thoughts:
Discover how Addit can revolutionize your dental practice by providing an all-encompassing, efficient, and integrated solution. If you’re serious about saving money and streamlining your practice management, take advantage of the exclusive Nifty Deal. Schedule a demo today and embark on a journey towards a more efficient and productive dental practice.

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