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Sugarhouse Health makes waterproof and resuable PPE and is American made.

Romy Humphries is the Sales and Marketing Director for Sugarhouse Health. They started in 1941 and typically produce custom canvas products. They typically design boat covers and enclosures as well as awnings. After seeing someone was making face masks out of the same material, they realized they could adjust their focus to serve in healthcare. As an American made company, they wanted to do what they could to help and employ people in their area. The response was so overwhelming that they were able to outsource much of the cutting to other businesses that could help. In addition, they have employed smaller companies and mom and pop shops to help.

The gowns are made to fit the regulations and met PPE and healthcare standards. The material is called “Odessey”, and is impermeable to water due to the polyester structure. There are 3 different sizes and have an elastic wrist cuffs to seal around your wrists. The material is designed for outdoor use for years. The fibers are coated and woven, then coated a second time. They are machine washable and air dry, but you can Lysol wipe them between uses.

How hot will it be to wear? It can get warm but can be opened between uses as well as working on an additional change in the design to open in the front.

The gowns come in 3 sizes and colors, but for efficiency, it is a single color per size. On orders of over 100, they can customize a bit more to meet specific needs.

What is the shipping time? Shipping is 5 days out on the gowns.

The masks they have available are ready to go today. They are washable material and great for your front office. It loops around the neck with a cinch and has both a fleece-lined and unlined option. A simpler design is a stretchable mask that goes behind the ear. It will not slip off and is more comfortable to wear all day.

How many ties are in the back? There is a tie around the neck and one around the waist. Nifty is exploring Velcro front closure options. They own all of the steps of production, so if there is a sufficient demand they can adapt the design to fit the requests.

Can you make surgical caps? They currently have a prototype in the works.

They will need a minimum of 250 to print a custom logo.

They also have face shields and offer social distancing stickers and decals.

Can you add a logo to the gown? She is checking into it to see what kinds of printing would be possible.

Will the caps have enough room for long hair? It should hold well.

What color are the gowns? They are grey, blue and green. This is dependent on size, but orders over 100 can be customized.

To order: go to www.sugarhousehealth.com It is an online shop

The cost per gown is $40, but don’t worry, there’s a Nifty Deal!

Are the gowns wipeable? Yes, they are waterproof, so you can quickly wipe it down. The material can withstand chemical cleaning. The warranty is designed to last 3 years, but it will really last much longer.

How should you wash them? Washing instructions are on the tag, but hot water in a washing machine is fine. It is really cleaning the cuffs, as the rest of the material is waterproof.

What’s the Nifty Deal? Go to www.sugarhousehealth.com and enter code: THRIFTY at checkout for 10% your order with no limit on how many times it can be used.