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Ruben Kamp of Darkhorse discusses IT tasks and projects you can accomplish during downtime or closures.

Ruben Kamp of Darkhorse Tech states that one of the biggest problems faced by offices right now is their server being onsite will need remote access. What are some of the security issues? Remote access is typically sporadic, but we are now dealing with lots of new devices and security levels, so it’s even more important right now. All setups need Antivirus, malware, ransomware, and firewalls as a minimum. A backup system with 2-factor authentication is also important. Make sure that all of your remote access is HIPPA compliant as well.

What are some IT things we need to be working on during the downtime? Use the day to upgrade your system or switch your practice platforms. It’s also a great time to learn more about your program’s offerings. Update or activate your patient list and purge patients.

Another suggestion is to plan out marketing for the rest of the year.

What should we do while cleaning computers? Turn off your computer first before cleaning as well as your server room or closet. Why should we clean them? You’re protecting your investment.

It’s a great time to mount your TVs or monitors or update your antivirus and spyware. If someone is working from home, you need to have secure devices and the device should be purchased by the office and only for work. Can you just take the work station from home? It may not be a great idea because the risk is that there is patient information on it that could be potentially accessed.